Microsoft and our partners have been investing in technologies across every industry and region to help companies face new and shifting market conditions. The rapid pace of this transformation has the potential to change the world for the better.

In February, we announced a selection of industry-specific cloud offerings to bring together capabilities that customers and partners need as a foundation for further innovation. These industry clouds are an aggregation of our solution areas represented as vertical expressions of the Microsoft cloud.

At Inspire this week, we are announcing a new cloud offering in preview that will address an issue at the top of every customer’s priority list right now. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is designed to help companies measure, understand and take charge of their carbon emissions, set sustainability goals and take measurable action.

The world faces an urgent need to dramatically reduce its carbon consumption.

The world’s climate experts agree that people, companies, industries and nations must take urgent action to reduce carbon emissions. They are not alone: according to Accenture, 94% of top CEOs cite sustainability as important or very important to the future success of their businesses.

Reducing carbon emissions and addressing environmental equity requires collective measures to understand and mitigate environmental impacts.

Measuring the overall environmental impact of an organization is particularly challenging.

Organizations need to be able to record their environmental footprint, report to stakeholders, reduce their resource usage, remove their footprint through carbon offsets or recycling and replace high-footprint resources with low-footprint ones.

But doing this effectively means moving away from manually inputting data into spreadsheets, and toward a more seamless data flow via data connectors that provide automated, accurate, real-time data — and ultimately, turn those data-driven insights into action.

We are committed to accelerating the sustainability journey of organizations everywhere.

That is where Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability comes in. Drawing on the depth and breadth of the entire Microsoft cloud, this new cloud offering is designed to help companies take control of their environmental initiatives,

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