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IT Maintenance & Patching

Smart IT choices for your business

If a big part of your job involves making smart choices for your business. Staying up to speed with the market and empowering your staff to do their best. Then keep reading.

As a business owner or manager, you have to make sure your technology is available and operational at all times. But what happens when your network crashes your email goes down, or your users get a virus. That’s when your business and staff need you the most. If you don’t have a contract in place with an I.T. provider when the incident happens, you have a few options.

You could try and fix the issue yourself. Maybe someone in your team knows a little about I.T. you could end up making the problem worse and losing further time and money. This is where the importance of IT maintenance comes into play.

IT Maintenance

IT Maintenance

As a business, you must understand the importance of regular IT maintenance as it helps to ensure that an IT system regardless if it’s a personal computer or data center – remains stable and secure. One other importance of IT maintenance is that it ensures that your IT system operates at 100% efficiency.

All the modifications and updates made to the IT system are logged and are tracked to analyze the performance (improvement or decrement) which later helps in making right decisions on whether the system requires any update or not.

Training and performing routine checkup are also an important component of IT maintenance.

Professional IT maintenance activities include the following:

  1. Implementation of the process.
  2. Analysis of the problem and the modifications made to the system.
  3. Implementation of the updates and changes.
  4. A detailed review of the maintenance and verification.
  5. Backup and migration.
  6. Retirement

Some basic IT maintenance services include purchasing duplicate files, system updates, implementation of antivirus or anti-malware, regular hardware, and other IT equipment checkups, industry-standard disk checkup and cleanup tasks, etc.

Security Services

Company or business security is a more complex IT maintenance task, and it involves not only the installation of antivirus but also the proper implementation of firewalls for both inbound and outbound traffic, regular disk checkup, and in-house security measures for server access.

Most of the tasks can be performed internally by business, but it’s quite rare for any business to have professionals with experience and knowledge in such a diverse field. Most of the time, it’s quite complicated for firms to handle all these security measures by themselves, and it makes sense to outsource the task to a simply trusted IT support company.

IT Maintenance
IT Maintenance

Making Sure Your Software Is Up to Date

It doesn’t matter if it’s necessary day to day checkup or its security maintenance as a business you cannot afford to miss on any IT maintenance duty as it can severely impact your business’s performance and overall throughput.

Any reduction in the performance of your system application can severely impact the productivity and effectiveness of your employees and your business. So, it is of utmost importance to regularly check and update apps which are somehow interrupting in your daily business tasks.

IT Maintenance and Patching Automation

Without a doubt, it is possible for every business to automate most of their IT maintenance tasks with the help of suitable hardware and software applications. For an example, an antivirus can automatically protect your servers, and your employee’s systems with scheduled for example antivirus can automatically protect your servers and your employee’s individual systems with scheduled checkups for viruses, malware’s, rootkits and whatnot. Similarly, a backup application with a well – configured backup set up can automatically create nightly backups of all your hard drive without interfering with your day-to-day work thus giving you an extra layer of protection without having to do a single task manually.

As a business, you will always love to have setups which can automatically perform its task without needing any dedicated employee because not only it saves precious time but also saves in a human resource which you can then route to a different task.

I can understand that automation seems to be an attractive decision, but you still need to make sure that the automation applications are installed into your system by professionals. If there is any misconfiguration or improper setup, then these automation can become a nightmare for you and your business.

To prevent any such misfortune from happening, it’s beneficial for you to hire IT maintenance professionals to do the setup work and to perform the regular manual checkup.

IT Maintenance
Infrastructure Support

Why You Must Hire Professionals for IT Maintenance

If you can’t fix your IT issues, you can find an external I.T. contractor to help you, but you’ll probably end up waiting for an engineer to come out and learn your I.T. system. And because the engineer is probably not familiar with your I.T. systems, he/she will need more time and likely only patch the symptom and not fix the underlying problem.

What if you don’t have the budget to afford internal I.T. resources or expensive emergency support like call outs. Your business could be out of action for days or longer.

Getting a monthly I.T. managed service plan means taking a proactive approach to tackling I.T. problems reducing risk and potentially huge costs.

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As your specialist I.T. partner, we monitor, maintain, and support your I.T. systems at a fixed price per month. When you sign up for one of our I.T. support plans, we get familiar with your I.T. environment beforehand so we can manage it proactively as if it was our own. Your staff understands the benefits of a local dedicated help desk that’s available 24/7 to deliver I.T. support quickly when they need it. With our remote monitoring platform, we can scan your computer system every minute of everyday reporting threats in real time typically before they become problems to your business at cloud specialists.

We have designed a managed I.T. services offering that gives businesses unlimited support for a convenient flat monthly fee so you can start preventing problems before they arise and empower your staff with an always available team.

Having an IT Maintenance and Patching contract is smart choice for any business, cloud service, etc. as they get now get to spend their work force in the areas they excel.

Warranty and Post-Warranty Services

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IT Maintenance

If a big part of your job involves making smart choices for your business. Staying up to speed with the market and empowering your staff to do their best.

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Nothing can disrupt your employee’s productivity faster than an unexpected I.T. issue.

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