Hosted Microsoft Exchange

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange: What is it and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

You might be having some challenges with your current email solution which could include concerns about drains and downtime on IT budget and time, inefficient communication capabilities hindering productivity, or fears about your data security or compliance. A robust and reliable business-class email is essential for companies of all sizes. Here is where Hosted Microsoft Exchange comes into the picture as it can help your employees connected with reliable, secure access to email, contacts, and calendar from virtually any device.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

What is Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a piece of software that runs on a server and manages all your emails. Outgoing, incoming, drafts, saved – everything is performed through Hosted MS Exchange and stored on the server. Exchange is created to centralize your emails into one database. So instead of your web-hosting company managing your email and storing them on your computer, Microsoft Exchange helps you manage and back up your emails on a server.

The increase in popularity of Hosted Microsoft Exchange has allowed several companies to access a range of enterprise-grade software solutions and avoid the main issues of licensing fees, infrastructure costs, training, and maintenance. IT companies offer Hosted Microsoft Exchange services and can manage and store all your emails in the Cloud.

Key Features of Hosted Microsoft Exchange

1. Greater Control

One of the most significant things about Hosted MS Exchange is its ability to meet a company’s unique needs. From hybrid deployment to overnight deployment, the Exchange can cater to different conditions effectively. Microsoft Exchange also has powerful capacities. For example, it protects against the loss of your data and also has an administration center which caters to customer concerns and queries. With all your data in one place, it allows you to control storage and help you meet compliance guidelines.

2. Single Interface for eDiscovery

MS Exchanger allows you to run In-Place eDiscovery across Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange from a single interface – this means that a compliance offer can discover and retain data easily. The eDiscovery center makes it possible for you to reduce the cost of handling complicated compliance functions.

3. Quick Messaging Systems Management

Site mailboxes and Data loss prevention (DLP) and Apps for Outlook can all be managed from the Administration Centre Interface. The capability to easily manage your messaging systems allow your expert users to execute certain tasks without administrative permissions, thus increasing the overall process of managing Microsoft Exchange.

4. Move to the Cloud as you Want

Microsoft Exchange offers you the option of managing a hybrid deployment online – with mailboxes or on-boarding to the Cloud overnight, the process is totally in your control. The Cloud provides your end-users with a smooth communication experience with scheduling meetings and sharing calendars.

5. Archiving Features

With Hosted Microsoft Exchange, you get advanced archiving functionalities. You get better security with the primary mailbox running parallel to the added archive mailbox. Some of the other archiving features also include recovery for deleted items and recovery for a deleted mailbox.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange for Your Business

1. Quick Payback

A recent study which looks into Host Exchange solution shows that over three years, several users estimated a Return on Investment (ROI) of over 1000%, with less than 30 days payback. With a premise solution, you have to pay for Windows and Exchange Server licenses as well as hardware. There may also be costs related to anti-spam and anti-virus and client access permissions. Extra costs come in the form of overtime for administrative staff, spare parts, and other maintenance-related expenses.

2. Enhanced Security for Confidential Data

With significant data, comes a huge responsibility. Online data security has been a long-established threat to any business. Microsoft Exchange Server has an in-built defense against email threats. The system has anti-spam filters and multi-layered which continuously guards against sophisticated spams and phishing threats. It also has malware detection, which can react to suspicious messages automatically. This server also gives you control over transport rules – this allows you to take action on messages coming from specific IP address.

3. Data Syncing and Flexibility

Today, specialists require flexibility in access to information and work culture. MS Exchange Server permit this feature through cloud-enabled office platform. MS Exchange uses Microsoft Office outlook as the email platform, which provides contact management functions and mails that can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. Using ActiveSync, Microsoft Exchange Server allow you to sync your data to mobile devices.

4. Organized and Productive Work Collaboration

One of the benefits of using MS Exchanger Server is to make businesses more productive and efficient. With different features such as contact management, scheduling, and sharing of a calendar, Exchanger helps your workers to stay informed and create a united path which results in increased productivity.

5. Enterprise-class Infrastructure

The most reliable Host Exchange service providers have designed and created their network to reduce email interruption. This means the providers have geographically dispersed and highly secure data centers that can guarantee 99.9 percent network uptime. With that, your email will always be available. That also means your service providers can help you manage the security patches and upgrades that are required to keep your network operating effortlessly.

6. Refocus your Information Technology Resources

You can dedicate resources, precious time, and expertise to doing all the daily activities required to keep your hardware and in-house network up and running optimally. With a hosted solution, you can focus your IT employee on core business hurdles to increase your revenues and profitability.

7. Manage Email Accounts

Most of the best Hosted Microsoft Exchange service providers offer a simple web-based management portal which allows you to manage your Exchange setting directly without having any detailed technical knowledge. You or your administrators can set up new users quickly, perform particular tasks like manage mailbox storage limits, email routing, and permissions with a few strokes of the key.

Final Wrap

If you want your business to keep up with the technological advances of the modern workplace, then Hosted Microsoft Exchange makes for an affordable and smart choice. In addition to email services, Hosted MS Exchange also offers utilities such as contact management, task management, and calendar.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

A robust and reliable business-class email is essential for companies of all sizes. Here is where Hosted Microsoft Exchange comes as it can help your employees connected with reliable, secure access to email, contacts, and calendar from virtually any device.

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