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Managed Data Security

Can A Managed Security Service Provider Help My Business?

Many businesses suffer from an increasing number of security breaches. With cyber attacks, hacks, ransomware, and other cybersecurity threats happening these days, how do a business deal with these threats? One of the answers we find to be successful recently is the implementation of a comprehensive managed data security program from an experienced IT security provider. A managed security service provider can ensure your company data is safe and secure.

While some companies using firewalls and anti-virus systems, companies that hire a managed security service provider (MSSP) their security services, ensure round-the-clock protection. Here are things you need to know before you run off and find Managed Security Service Provider.

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What Are Managed Security Service Providers?

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) are third-party vendors who help you manage and monitor related-data and security events remotely. They offer services such as security analysis, network threat detection, and incident response, reporting, and vulnerability scanning from their remote security operations centers.

Benefits Of Working With An MSSP

The number of cyber attacks is growing, and more and more companies are considering managed security services as a way of complementing their in-house IT team. Hiring a third party for these responsibilities can offer several benefits, which include:

1. Experienced security expertise

Most organizations team can’t compete with an MSSP when it comes to expertise in the security field. The vast majority of your staff dedicates their time to selling products or service offerings. With MSSPs, they have teams based around specific needs. One team in charge of handling incident response while another specializes in vulnerability management.

2. Cost savings

Your company will require significantly more in terms of salaries and training to get the same number of in-house operational security personnel when compared to what they would receive by using on outsourced MSSP. Managed network security service providers are available at a much lower price. Organizations can reduce their overall security budget by 20 to 30 percent by partnering with an MSSP.

3. Constant monitoring

Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t call it a day when business owners do, and neither does an MSSP. Companies that work with an MSSP for their security services get round-the-clock protection. Knowing experts are protecting your company 24/7 give you priceless peace of mind.

4. Stability and scalability

If your company changes regularly, then your technology also needs to update to keep pace. If you have physical IT infrastructure, you’re going to face a lot of costs: new hires, equipment upgrades, and more. The cost of scaling up may be negligible if your business has engaged the services of an MSSP.

5. Have access to greater resources

Your organization would benefit from robust resources and tools that an MSSP provide. Most companies that specialize in other industries do not have the same level of access to these types of resources unless your organization’s area of expertise is in IT and security services. You’ll have access to a team of specialist who can help you diagnose any security issue when you work with an MSSP.

IT Security Services
IT Security Services

How To Choose An MSSP

Given the benefits above, it should come as no surprise that managed security service providers are in high demand. Nevertheless, picking the right one is essential for your company. Here’s what to look for when choosing.

1. World-class security intelligence

The MSSP you are choosing must have the highest knowledge and expertise within the industry related to cybersecurity strategies, the latest vulnerabilities and threats, able to carry out proactive research on current threats and keep your company protected from emerging attacks.

2.  Understands regulatory standards & compliance

A managed security service provider should have a thorough understanding of various regulatory standards and compliance such as HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, FFIEC, and PCI DSS with the continually evolving regulatory environment and threat landscape. Therefore using skilled and certified MSSP that understand the impacts of these standards is important

3. Capable of delivering threat detection & response

Not all managed security service providers can deliver threat detection and response due to the variety of log sources required to detect threats. A qualified and certified MSSP will have the infrastructure to ingest these logs. They will have the infrastructure and technology to support threat detection and response by providing you with alerts and allowing change management on your systems.

4. Diverse & innovative technology

You need to find out if the Managed security services provider supports existing systems or can offer new technology and process to accelerate your security maturity. MSSP offers technologies that will complement your working environment and add value to your network and gateway, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall management, managed SIEM, endpoint protection, anti-virus, security analytics, vulnerability, and compliance management, and more.

When Should You Partner With MSSP?

There is no doubt that every business seriously needs to focus on security with so many versatile options and the business world’s ever-increasing dependency on technology. Below are signs of when you need to contract an MSSP.

1. Your cybersecurity solutions are outdated

Outdated software can cause compatibility problems, as they may not integrate well with your systems. It could even delete essential files. An MSSP creates an organized structure for effective threat detection and remediation; integrating all the vital security solutions, and eliminating redundant ones.

2. Your security sends alerts

If your business receives numerous security alerts, many of which are false positives, it puts tremendous pressure on your resources. Partnering with an MSSP put the pressure off your company and ensures that you don’t inadvertently ignore the true positives.

3. Your business faced cyber attacks

Are businesses falling prey to cyber attacks like ransomware or DDoS? Don’t wait for it to harm you. Partner with manage security service provider before it’s too late to protect your business.

4. Your business partners prioritize stronger IT security

Sometimes your business partners will push you to adopt better IT security practices. Heed to their advice and partner with MSSPs if you or your team members don’t have enough experience in handling cybersecurity.

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Who Do You Partner With?

It’s time to begin your search now that you understand what an MSSP does, their benefits, and how to find the right one. It’s ideal to consult with one of our experts even if you’re not sure about your company’s specific needs yet. Start today, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having managed security service providers defending your company.

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