A cloud-based solution is in high demand. Earlier companies used physical servers or computers in their building. But today, with cloud solutions, there is no need to set up an expensive IT infrastructure. They help companies allow their users to view data in real-time and share files effortlessly. Whether you own a small business or run a large organization, cloud IT solutions can increase your functionality, capacity and reduce maintenance and cost of IT infrastructure to a great extent.

What is the Cloud?

Are you wondering what is the cloud? Chances are you have used it more than you think. If you have ever written an essay on Google doc, then you have used the cloud. If you have watched a movie on Netflix or stored images on Dropbox, you have used cloud services.

Cloud refers to software or a type of service that is not located on your device but is run using the internet. Any files, images, or videos stored on cloud services are stored on third-party servers. As long as you are connected to the internet, you will be able to access those files from anywhere.

Are Cloud Solutions Secure?

It is natural to wonder if your data stored on the cloud is safe or not. After all, you will not want your important files, videos, or photos to be stored on servers that are out of your control. You might want to know if these servers are vulnerable to hacks. However, the data that you save on the cloud is much safer than storing them on your office computer. Hackers use phishing emails and malware to get the information stored on your device. Companies offering cloud solutions have robust security that is far more powerful than what you might have for your computer or devices.

How Do Cloud Service Providers Keep Their Data Secured?

There are a number of different reasons why data stored in the cloud are so safe. Firstly, these servers are located in a third-party location where no one has access to it. Secondly, the data stored on the cloud are encrypted, making them harder to be accessed by cybercriminals. Some of the top security measures that cloud service providers use to protect your data are –

  • Consistent Security Updates

Most of us ignore security updates, but these are designed to protect your data from the latest malware and viruses. When you store data in the cloud, the service provider who oversees the servers consistently updates update their security measures to ensure your data is completely safe.

  • Advanced AI Tools and Auto-Patching

Many cloud service providers use artificial intelligence to protect all your data. Since it is not always easy to find experts professionals to oversee your data, AI helps tackle the first level of security analysis. These use built-in algorithms to identify any vulnerabilities in the security system.

  • Built-In Firewalls

Cloud service providers use firewalls to protect your data. These firewalls act as a wall that prevents hackers from getting access to your data. They filter out suspicious traffic to keep your data behind those walls and prevent any unauthorized access to your files stored in the cloud.

  • Redundancy

When there is a power outage or hardware failure, will you still have access to your files? Will a natural disaster destroy everything that you have stored in their cloud? One of the top benefits of cloud IT solutions is copying your data and storing them in many data centers. Even if one server is down, you will have access to your files from a backup server.

If your business is not investing in Cloud IT solutions, you are tying your valuable data to the office computers where they are stored. While it may not seem like a big problem, but any local issue can result in permanent loss of your data. When you implement cloud-based solutions before your competitors, you already have a competitive edge over them.

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