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Computer Network Services

Computer Network Services: Why your Growing Business needs them

Operating s small business is all about creating efficiencies in every aspect of your business in order to improve your profit margins, be competitive in your marketplace, and satisfy customers. A computer network is one of the most critical technology solutions you can bring to your small business. Several small business owners think that computer network services are a luxury reserved for more prominent organization; they are wrong. As a business owner, you don’t have to leave your small business at risk, and you don’t have to do this all by yourself or pay an arm and a leg.

Computer Network
Computer Network

What is a Computer Network?

A computer network is a group of systems and other computing hardware devices such as fax machines, printers, data storage, visual or audio display devices, and more that are connected through communication channels to facilitate resource-sharing and communication among a wide range of users. The fact is that you can network as few as two computers, so you need to think twice if you think your business is too small for a computer network.

Why is computer network essential for your small business?

One of the main challenges faced by small business owners is to get the right technology for their business. Yet, getting the most out of this technology investment is still a big challenge for several small businesses. For instance, the business may have started with just one computer and printer, but as the business grew, more computers and other peripherals are included. So, as a result of your business growing, the demand for printers and other peripherals increases and sharing becomes an issue.

Instead of buying separate hardware devices for each computer, a network offers a solution for a single hardware device like a printer to be shared among computers. As the business grows bigger, the networking of computers is essential. Networking your computer can make a whole lot of difference in smoother operations, and it can become the foundation for a secure and productive small business operation.

Computer Network

Types of networks

With a peer-to-peer computer network, the computers are linked directly to each other. This is the most basic type of system that allows several users to share resources such as scanners and printers and information without a centralized server or computer. In this type of network, each connected computer has an equal role and responsibility.

On the other hand, with server/client networking, all the computers are connected to a centralized computer. A centralized computer known as a server is used to manage the whole network and shared information from a central location. The servers are run with specific software designed to maintain the computer network and serve as the central place to store data. The server software executes certain tasks such as printer sharing, file sharing, sending/receiving e-mail for each of the network’s client, and connect multiple users to the internet.

An IT support provider can help you decide whether a server-based or peer-to-peer computer network would be the best fit for your small business. Having an excellent Content Delivery System is essential for small businesses and ensuring you usually look to improve Content Delivery System performance is something worth keeping an eye on to keep your brand competitive in your market.

Ways a network can influence growing business

An excellent computer networking solution can be a massive benefit for your growing business. This allows all the computers and other computing hardware to retrieve important data from the central location. Now let’s talk precisely about how computer networking can help your growing business.

Cost effective resource sharing

By creating a computer network and sharing it with other hardware you already have, you reduce the amount of money you spent on hardware. Also, when you connect all of your computers to a fax machine and printer, it makes the job simpler for your staffs as they don’t have to copy the files, USB drive, and then walk over to the computer connected to the fax machine or printer.

Improving storage volume and efficiency

The nature of storing your business information will change after you have connected all of your business computers. Firstly, you get the combined storage volume of all the PCs in the network. This is vital because, in a lot of businesses, data are used by several employees. Obviously, some data will be exclusive to a particular employee, and some data will be open to all the employees. A professional IT support provider can help you figure out when setting up your network.

Cut costs on software

Several software providers provide networked versions of their software. So, you can buy a single license for their software solution and have it running on the central server. The separate computers on that network can the software without the need to install a separate license.

Access flexibility

The beauty of modern networking is flexibility. You can take your smartphone in a meeting and create documents. Then, you may go back to your office and continue working on the document from your office computer, exactly where you left off. All of this is possible when the document is in the central file server, and your network incorporates wireless connection.

Improving network security

It is much easier to enforce password policies when you can require users to occasionally change their password before being able to access the server. The server can be designed in a way that you only give access to the files you want an individual employee to have. Some companies prefer outsourcing their network management to remote IT companies as this offloads the responsibility of maintaining reliability and security.

Computer Network

Choosing the right computer network company for your small business

When it comes to computer network services, Precision IT Consulting is the top company for small and mid- sized businesses. At Precision IT Consulting, we are confident that our IT support management solution can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. Not only do we offer customized consulting, but we can also install and maintain your computer network as your business grows.

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Computer Network Services

Computer Network

Operating a small business is all about creating efficiencies in every aspect of your business in order to improve your profit margins, be competitive in your marketplace, and satisfy customers.

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