When you consider optimizing your nonprofit’s IT infrastructure, outsourcing it to a Managed IT service provider might not immediately come to your mind. But, outsourcing major IT functions can help free up time from burdensome and time-consuming tasks that your in-house team might be handling. Consider all those times when your server went down, or software installations did not go as planning halting all your work for a few hours.

Managed IT services help you and your team fulfill your nonprofit’s mission rather than spend hours on solving tech concerns. Some of the most noticeable benefits that will result from outsourcing IT services are –

Flexibility & Scalability

Your nonprofit organization’s needs will vary from season to season and year to year. You might see more donations coming in during the winter holiday season, or during the summers, you might notice an influx of volunteers due to school being off. Also, before a major event or annual gala, you will have enhanced IT needs. One of the benefits of Managed IT services is that they can easily scale up or down depending on your needs. They have a flexible approach and allow you to handle your needs without making any additional purchases.

24/7 Support & Quick Response Time

Hiring a Managed IT service provider allows you to have 24/7 support for your nonprofits around the clock. In case of an issue, the provider will be right there to find out the problem and fix it. Since new updates and patches are coming out regularly, your provider will install the necessary patches and updates when available to ensure your system is running smoothly at all times. You won’t have to rely on someone within your company or schedule patching on your own.

Budgeting Parameters and Consistent Costs

Your nonprofit might not be comfortable spending on tech solutions, especially when they are not sure how they will help you or are worried about spending on an expensive solution that is unnecessary. Managed IT services help keep your technology costs under control. The provider will work with you to determine your needs and create an IT budget. You will know exactly how much your IT needs will cost, helping you create a yearly budget for it.

Data Security and Donor Management

The tech needs of nonprofits are different from that of for-profit organizations. You are more likely to have a list of donors for tracking and will need to ensure it is in compliance to maintain its nonprofit and tax-exempt status. They also put great focus on device and network security from malware and phishing attacks. Managed IT service providers help you keep your donor information protected from breaches. They also ensure donations are protected to prevent them from being stolen with regular patches and virus protection.

Whether you run your own nonprofit or are in an executive role, Managed IT services can ensure you spend less time maintaining and worrying about IT infrastructure and spend more time working on your goals. They can make a huge difference in the efficiency and functioning of your nonprofit.

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