Technology has transformed every industry there is, and finance and accounting are no different. With more and more people storing their records in digital format, there is a greater need for accounting firms to remain on top of their technology to serve their clients efficiently.

Accounting firms handle a lot of sensitive personal information and need strong data security and reliable servers for their offices. With the financial industry the main targets for hackers, accounting firms need to keep a watchful eye. However, not all accounting firms have the capability to hire full-time in-house IT teams or manage their technology on their own. For them, it makes more sense to use Managed IT services for accountants and accounting firms.

Managed IT services allow firms to focus on their work and anticipate the needs of their clients than worrying if their technology is working properly. Here are some of the top benefits that accounting firms enjoy by working with a reputed Managed IT service provider.

More Time to Focus on Your Clients

Accountants already have a difficult time allocating their time, and the last thing they want is to spend valuable time fixing networking problems. It will negatively affect your clients and dilute the focus on the accountants. Managed IT service providers help accounting firms troubleshoot any technical issues and fix them immediately to minimize any downtime.

Save Money

Instead of paying to hire a full-time IT team, you can save a lot of money by using IT services. These companies allow you to pay for only those services you need rather than invest a lot of money in creating and maintaining an in-house department. They charge a fixed rate for every service and can also scale up or down as required by you.

Stronger Cybersecurity Strategy

Accounting firms deal with sensitive client data, and you do not want that information to get into the hands of hackers or other criminals. Since it is a constant cat and mouse game, it can be difficult to manage the security on your own as it requires a lot of resources to be safe. Managed IT service providers can ensure your valuable data is protected all the time by monitoring them remotely.

Implement New Technologies

Managed IT services keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. They are equipped to help you implement new products or services in your accounting firm. Their experts can help you decide if the new technology is worth your investment and how it can make your business efficient. They also offer training and support to your staff for a new application or new equipment they need to use.

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data and having a disaster recovery plan is critical for any accounting firm. Advancement in technology has made older backup systems inferior. Managed IT service provider can set up your backup system offsite in case of something such as fire or flood. If you have your backup data in the same place as the primary data, both can get damaged simultaneously.

There are a number of great reasons to work with Managed IT service provider than hiring an IT team in-house for your accounting firm. The provider can customize their services based on your needs and help you utilize technology to serve your clients better.

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