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Nothing can disrupt your employee’s productivity faster than an unexpected I.T. issue. This can leave them with two options called technical support and bring up a huge bill or attempt to fix the problem themselves. Most likely wasting time or even making the problem worse day to day I.T. issues like these are pretty typical for most small businesses. Why should dealing with support be as stressful as the issue itself and why should you be shaken down by the people that you pay to set up your network in the first place. It’s just not right.

What if we told you there’s a better way to get technical support with predictable costs where your network is maintained to prevent issues before they affect your business. What if your staff could pick up the phone and get support as often as they need it without worrying about racking up expensive bills? Here at Precision IT Consulting, we offer complete help desk support that provides you users with unlimited calls to our team. We can even make on-site visits when needed.

This empowers your staff to get the support they need and switches I.T. support from being a capital expense to a budget bill operational expense you and your employees have work to do so you can’t afford to sit around and wait for your problems to be solved.

Comprehensive IT Support

Some Important Benefits of Having A 24/7 Customer Service:

Proven to Make Your Customers Happy

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for any business whether it’s online or off-line and 24 seven customer service ensures that your customers are getting the attention and the support they deserve which only aids in your brand presence and brand trust.

Customers’ requests for support usually come at the most unexpected of times and they deserve to have support whether technical or general from someone familiar with the ins and outs of the service, product or the platform. They need someone who could help them resolve the issue as soon as possible so they can make their purchase decision, appointment or decide to talk with your representative for partnership. If you as a business aren’t able to provide them with appropriate support, you could be losing potential customers and partnership deals. On the other hand, if you can provide them with proper reply and answers to their questions, without a doubt, they are going to be happy and will likely return to you for more deals.

Unfortunately for small businesses employing a team of full-time, professional customer representative is out of their budget and so they rely on third-party services to provide their customers with 24 seven support.

At Precision, IT consulting means your that your customers get to experience utmost professionalism and support on the concerned issues.

Greater Opportunity to Improve Brand Reputation and Customer Loyalty

Every business wants their customers to be happy and satisfied with their services, and most often happy customers are likely to be the most loyal ones. They will make sure to visit your business or will try to contact you before making any purchasing or business decision (depending on your business type). It’s something which helps a company to maintain consistent revenue inflow as they get new business deals without needing to invest in a promotion or customer acquisition.

A 24/7 customer service is the only way for your business to improve your brand’s presence in front of your customers. By offering them with “any time” professional support, you make them feel that they and their business are secured and protected and in case some misfortunate event happens you and your services will be there to assist them in getting out of that adverse scenario.

It with your service, product, and support you manage to win your customers trust, they won’t hesitate to promote your business without any application to their friends, colleagues, and even to their customers. This leads to “free” promotion for which other companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Having a positive reputation among your customers also helps you in getting better accreditations from various business and IT accrediting institutions.

Warranty and Post-Warranty Services
Design and Implementation of Complete Business Solutions

The Differentiating Factor

As already discussed, not every business can afford to employ a team of full-time customer representative professionals simply because most of the time, it’s out of there budget. But, if you employ 24/7 customer service for your customers, you will be one step ahead of your competitors, and it’s going to be the best differentiating factor in your business.

Not only, you will be able to proudly claim that you offer your customers with the utmost care and quality products, but your customers will also understand that you as a business care for their needs and will be there to help them resolve any issues in case they face any problems with your services.

Precision IT Consulting

Need to make sure that your customers are getting the support their deserve? Unfortunately, you neither have the time, budget, or expert professionals to do so.

You want to outsource your support service, but most of these outsourcing companies don’t have the expertise, or they simply don’t take the time to learn your setup, service or product and do a shoddy job.

You already know that customer service is critical to your company’s productivity and growth.

IT Consulting

Here at Precision IT Consulting, we provide top-notch consulting, reliable I.T. support, procurement services, I.T. project management, and 24X7 customer service. We make sure that our professionals and account managers work closely with you to create tailored solutions best suited for your business and your clients.

We bring you our 10-years of experience in IT and customer satisfaction to help your business grow. We first send our professionals at your premises to understand your product, service, platform, and then together we built up a customer satisfaction service for your clients and visitors that are tailored towards your business offerings.

Apart from the primary line of communication (telecommunications), we help you set up a live chat system on your platform to empower your visitors, and customers to interact with our professionals online.

Now they don’t need to wait in the queue and hold their form close to the ear for 30 minutes to just get in touch with the customer representative. Apart from that, we also offer ticket-based customer service. In case your customers are facing any issues all they need to do is visit your official site or dedicated customer panel and create a new ticket. As soon as they create a support ticket, our professionals will get a notification and will reply with appropriate answers. Once the issues are resolved, the ticket will be closed, and the support request will be marked resolved.

We understand that for your business every customer is essential and so we make you’re that we offer your customers with all possible ways to communicate their issues with our professionals. With the proper channel, we can accurately understand your customers’ needs and can deliver them with an appropriate answer every time.

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24/7 Help Desk

Nothing can disrupt your employee’s productivity faster than an unexpected I.T. issue.

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