IT Asset Management

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IT Asset Management

Techniques for creating an IT Asset Management Program

Proper management of your IT assets is essential if you want your business to run smoothly. To achieve this, you should consider creating an IT asset management program. If this sounds daunting, there are many tips you need to learn that could help you create and implement this system in your business or agency.

IT Asset Management

Use a responsible leader

All programs within your company will start with people combined with this process and eventually with technology. When dealing with people, you need to have a leader who can be responsible and someone with whom others are comfortable. It is essential to keep in mind that your IT asset management program will affect all aspects of your own business and is critical to its proper operation.

As it is, your leader must take ownership of the tasks and also the tasks of the team. Ideally, this leader needs the support of management and other senior executives. You need to make sure that all stakeholders in your company know who the first choice is and that they are happy to deal with it. In the event that the leader is not really supported by the company, your IT asset management program is certainly not as effective as it should be.

Understanding the computer circle of life

Everything goes through cycles, and your IT resources are no different. The life cycle of your assets will begin with planning before moving on to provisioning, deployment, management, and finally, retirement. Understanding this circle and what is needed to complete each step will help you to make your management program.

In fact, there is absolutely no reason to have a management program in place in case the people who control it have no idea how best to determine when an asset should be decommissioned. It is recommended to develop a table that helps you keep an eye on the cycle of your own assets. This allows you to create procedures for each step and what your IT asset management team needs to do within the different steps.

IT Asset Management
IT Asset Management

A single source of information

It is essential to keep all your information about this particular program in one document. Information scattered in spreadsheets on different computers and networks will be ineffective when you need to manage something. For your personal program to be a success, you only need one repository for all information.

This repository should be the one to which all team members will have access. It must be linked to the service management system used by your company. This can help you track your IT assets throughout their life cycle while maintaining accurate records.

Measurements and reports

If you can’t measure something, you won’t be able to manage it. In addition, it is impossible to report measurements if you do not determine what to measure. That’s why you need to take the time to review the parameters you need for your management program.

The indicators you use must be linked to the IT resources at your disposal. Metrics that are available for one asset will never work for another, and you should think about this. Knowing what measurements you want, you can try tools that can provide the measurements for you personally.

When reviewing these tools, you should ensure that they provide the measures you may want. They should also provide you with a dashboard or reports that help you know what is being measured. Without these reports, you will not be able to make strategic decisions based on the assets you have.

IT Consulting

Consider automation

Many people are nervous about automation, but this could be your friend when it comes to managing IT assets. Manual processes can be error-prone and time-consuming. Automating these processes reduces errors and eliminates time and effort.

There are many strategies that can be used to automate your management program. The best strategy depends on the assets you have at your disposal. Many companies have copied the parcel industry and use barcodes and RFID to update their asset repositories in real time. Of course, you still need to perform manual inventory checks to ensure that your automated process is working properly.

Integrate financial management with it

Funds are the driving force behind most companies, and you should think about it when designing your IT asset management program. Your assets may have expenses, and you should track them properly. To make it easier for you, we recommend that you link the management of your IT assets to your IT financial management.

If you try this, you will be able to talk about costs throughout the company on a regular basis. In addition, you will have the ability to instill a cost-conscious corporate culture within your company. This will help you increase your profits and ensure that you never exceed your budget with IT assets.

IT Asset Management
IT Consulting

Usually, don’t forget the consumables

When people think about IT assets, they focus on software and hardware. However, you can find consumables such as ink and toner that fall into this category. These are generally items that could strain your budget without you noticing and should be included in your management program.

These elements do not generally correspond to the price threshold to be considered as an asset by your finance department; they can be part of your IT processes. Tracking them using your management system will help you ensure that you have enough of them at hand rather than asking them to have an impact in other areas of your business.

Every company needs an IT asset management program. However, you need to configure this system correctly to get the most out of it, and if you don’t want to do it manually, you can rely on professionals at Precision IT Consulting.

Precision IT Consulting is a well-known name in managed IT services offering both onsite and remote assistance to their customers, 24/7. All their employees are professionals with a year of experience in the IT sector, and so you can rely on their expertise whenever you need any assistance with IT asset management program.

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